Sunday, February 27, 2011

There has been a lot on the Net about a blind quilter in Texas -- but she isn't the only one! I have a blind quilter friend who just posted this to our list.

I am posting it here with her permission as well as what she wrote:

This is the first quilt I have made entirely by myself since losing my sight. I cut all the pieces with my Accuquilt. I picked the colors with my color identifier and the help of my daughter who described the print if any. Let me know what you think.

After I requested permission to share her triumph she answered:

I would like you to do that but would you include this description my granddaughter sent me when she saw it. She is in Florida and going to a graphic arts university there. She sent this back when she saw the photo. "Hi Gram! I love the quilt, it reminds me of a woodland lake so much! The colors in the middle look like a lake with long cat-tails growing along it, and then the brighter squares around it remind me of the forest and all it's vegetation. I really like the colors that you chose, and the layout is beautiful. You never cease to surprise me with your work! Thank you for sharing this with me.
Her words express what I was trying to depict with my design and color choices. Thank you so much for your comments and please do post it. Hugs, JoAn

I seem to have become a once a year blogger but this year I have two major things to share. First, I am being published in a real book! Ann Fahl has made a series of quilts featuring her cat Oreo and I have written verses to go with those quilts plus some of her other quilts to make 'A Black and White Tale' featuring Oreo and her activities. The book will be published near the end of March and I will have a few copies for sale by April 1-- no fooling! I will post the price when I have it. I will also take reservations for the book. I will only have 15 places to begin with and two of those are already taken so if you are in hurry notify me by email
and I will add you to the list.

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