Tuesday, May 31, 2011


And the Muse celebrated with a delightful trip around New England with her daughter, hitting some literal high spots: Mount Washington in New Hampshire and Cadillac Mountain in Maine, and finishing at the beach in Rye, New Hampshire. Oh yes -- there were also a few quilt shops along the way ... Very nearly my


I'd like to go a-travelling
This country up and down,
Checking out the quilt shops
In each and every town.
I'd vist those away up North,
Then East and South and West.
It would be such fun to make a search
For the one I'd like the best.
Will it be in a little country town
Or on a busy city street?
Will it be huge or very small?
Is it near a place to eat?
Could I take a class if I so choose?
Are there finished quilts to see?
What a wonderful adventure
A trip like this would be!
And best of all would be the chance
With so many quilters to meet
And share our love of quilts and quilting --
Wouldn't that be a treat?

And what is your dream trip?


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