Monday, May 02, 2011


Well, not exactly -- just a plan to blog more often. I may not have any news but that doesn't mean I shouldn't post something here, right? A lot of bloggers post photos in cases like that but I'm not always good about photographing. So what can I use to fill up as little space here? Over the past 15 years I have written and posted in various places nearly 200 verses, mostly related to quilting and quilters so I thought I would sort of revisit some of them.

I think this is the first one that I posted to the long defunct QuiltBee:


I made my sewing room tidy one day
And put all my fabrics and tools away --
A crate of blues and one of reds,
Several boxes for different threads,
My backing fabrics all on one shelf,
All of the batting in a box by itself,
Scissors and rulers all hanging up,
Pencils and markers joined in one cup,
The stencils collected and neatly in place,
Pins in their holders, bags for the lace,
Buttons and beads in boxes with labels,
I even saw the tops of some tables!
I admired the neatness. I wanted to sing --
But I couldn't find a doggone thing!

And it's still true! Every time I tidy up things hide on me ...

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Blogger SCquiltaddict said...

me either:> GOOD one:>

6:52 PM  
Blogger Wen Redmond said...

Isn't that funny. But you can see your room! I hear it's good for reviving old brain cells.

4:25 AM  
Blogger annieQ said...


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