Friday, April 01, 2011


My blind quilter friend JoAn has been busy. She recently sent me photos of five small quilts she made for a local neonatal unit to be used as covers for incubators:

They are, from top to bottom, Boat block, Fish and polka dots, Double Irish chain, Irish nine patch, and double nine patch.

She wrote:
The names tell what they are, I think, as no one has verified since I changed them from the numbers the camera creates. I had lots of fun with these. Three are made with only 5 inch charm squares. The double Irish chain that is white, red and black is made with 2 ½inch squares and triangles. They all range in size from 44 to 48 inches square and I did all the work myself. As I said before, they are incubator quilts and will be used in the hospital neonatal unit to protect the incubator babies' eyes from the bright lights and then go home with the baby.
I was thinking Irish this month, hence the green and white nine patch. Then I did the double Irish chain only used red and black with white, more Scottish than Irish, LOL. The last one was another double Irish chain in green black and white but I used 5 inch squares so wouldn't have to deal with so many parts. The fish one was just a fun one and the boat was more of a challenge. but, I had fun with all of them.
I am so proud of her and her determination to overcome her handicap to continue to do something she loves.

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