Monday, April 09, 2012


After requests by number of my readers, considerable research and overcoming my natural tendency to procrastination I have finally published a number of my quilty verses as an e-book, Quiltverses Volume One. It can be sampled (free) and bought (a mere $4.99) at

It can be downloaded in a variety of formats so the verses can be read on any e-reader or computer.

I found that I have written so many verses over the years that I will be publishing three more volumes!

While Volume One contains verses dealing with quilting in general, Volume Two will have verses about family, friends, pets and being on the Internet. Volume Three will be the remaining quilt related verses while Volume Four will cover holidays, shows and being out and about. Each volume will contain about 35-45 or more verses.

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Blogger annieQ said...

Congratulations Jacquie. I've always loved your verse!

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