Saturday, June 11, 2011


I have been making lap robe sized summer quilts (i.e. no batting) backed with corduroy, flannel or fleece in an attempt to reduce my stash and my collection of scraps. I deliver them to a local group that does volunteer work, Green Mountain RSVP, but had no idea exactly where they would end up. A nice thank you note from Project Linus answered that question!

ONE SOLUTION My strip-scraps had collected, A stuffed-full box I had: It bothered and it teased me, Made me feel a little sad:
So many lovely fabrics
With memories were here,
A pity not to turn them into
Something I could share.
So I stitched those strips and pressed them,
Then cut them up again
And sewed the shapes together
To make a scrap quilt that’s not plain!
I found some fabric for the back,
(Several pieces came into play)
Layered, tacked and bound it --
And then I gave it away!


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