Thursday, March 11, 2010


I'd almost forgotten how addictive dyeing can be! Our snow has mostly gone but I still had some dyes mixed and sitting, hopefully waiting ... but I didn't want to dye any more fabric. Aha! I wonder what would happen if I tried dyeing some Warm and Natural batting? It's all cotton, so the dyes should work ...

So I cut up a piece of the W&N batting that I had lying around and ended up with four smallish pieces and two larger ones:

I was a little worried about how they would wash out so I did them in the machine, after extensive rinsing, on the gentle cycle and dried them using medium heat. They not only survived intact but left hardly any lint in the trap in the drier.

I really like the rich colors -- but have no idea as yet just what I will do with this somewhat different hand dyed 'fabric'.

Monday, March 01, 2010


Well, we had some more snow so I did a little more. This time I used 1/2 yard pieces of the PFD muslin -- and found they were actually a little large for the pots -- or I didn't add enough dye. Once I found that the dye had not penetrated to the bottom of the pots I just put the fabric back in with the undyed part of the fabric up and added more soda ash solution, snow and dye -- and waited.

On inspection of the results I see that I did get rather carried away with applications of red and blue dyes -- I have a lot of purple! -- and all but one piece are quite deeply and vividly colored.

On the whole it was fun to do and I will eventually think of a worthy project or so to use them in.