Thursday, July 19, 2007


Since my last entry I have had more fun with my B&W quiltlets though I do seem to have trouble finishing one completely before starting another one -- or two...

However two have their borders and there are in process photos although their portraits have not been taken with bindings yet. My stash yielded some suitable B&W fabrics for the borders and I did some minimal quilting with black Sulky Sliver to keep the centers from sagging away from the Warm and Natural batting I added to give more stability after adding all the beads.

Kerfluffle has had its safety pins removed and a plain black binding added. The outer border has been quilted along some of the lines in the print --- very randomly but effectively.

Gridlock used the printed squares of B&W stripes as the starting point. Each square was outlined with a running stitch and fuzzy yarn was then threaded through it. Each square then had a variety of bead[s] added to it. Again, some minimal quilting with black Sulky Sliver was added for stability. It too has a solid black border.

I have four more of these pieces in various stages of completion. Somehow I can't stick to one at a time -- sometimes I have to think a bit about what to do next and with what. Occasionally I uncover something in my stash of threads, yarns and bead that I hadn't seen or thought of using before and the collection of materials I keep at had while working keeps growing! I guess I should photograph that as well.

Well, this is all for this installment. Next time I hope to put up at least some of the photos I took last month at the Vermont Quilt Festival. According to the guidelines in the catalog I may do so on a personal web site as long as I identify the event, the title of the quilt and the maker -- which I had planned to do in any event. I don't care for anonymous quilts -- I would like to be able to relate a quilts that I have seen by one maker to others I may see in the future by the same person. Wouldn't you?

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