Saturday, June 11, 2011


I have been making lap robe sized summer quilts (i.e. no batting) backed with corduroy, flannel or fleece in an attempt to reduce my stash and my collection of scraps. I deliver them to a local group that does volunteer work, Green Mountain RSVP, but had no idea exactly where they would end up. A nice thank you note from Project Linus answered that question!

ONE SOLUTION My strip-scraps had collected, A stuffed-full box I had: It bothered and it teased me, Made me feel a little sad:
So many lovely fabrics
With memories were here,
A pity not to turn them into
Something I could share.
So I stitched those strips and pressed them,
Then cut them up again
And sewed the shapes together
To make a scrap quilt that’s not plain!
I found some fabric for the back,
(Several pieces came into play)
Layered, tacked and bound it --
And then I gave it away!

Wednesday, June 08, 2011


And one every quilter should contemplate seriously ...


Is your fabric addiction a serious case?
Can you pass a quilt shop without stopping?
For the fabrics you buy, do you have enough space?
Is your life devoted to shopping?
Then take warning and beware
If quilting is a new passion:
Exposure to quilt shops and the fabrics therein
Is a thing the susceptible should ration.
Be sensible, strong and limit your visits
To these dens of textilean seduction.
Say 'No' now and then just to show that you can.
Claim you are practising safe stash reduction.
It may well not help -- once you have been hooked
On the thrill of the fabric chase,
Nothing can quite compare to the feeling you get
When your acquisitions are home and in place.