Sunday, July 02, 2006


I hadn't been home to Maine since 1966. I found that you can go home again -- but it won't be the same!
I found both the house where I was born and the one where I grew up -- both enlarged and much changed. And all of the houses I remembered look so much smaller!

Family get together -- first time my two brothers and I had had all been in the same place at the same time since -- well, it's been quite a while. We had fun playing do you remember and delving into family history and photos that came to one of my brothers from our maiden aunts.

Why is it that we never seem to have any interest in that sort of thing while the older generation is around to answer questions?

Anyhow, there is a statue of lumberjacks in front of the library in Bangor and one of the models seems to have been one of our great uncles -- but not one I knew. If you google David Preble+statue or Charles Eugene Tefft (the sculptor) there is a lot of info and a picture that isn't as good as the one here.
The sidewalk in front had interestingly shaped bricks:

On Sunday my brothers, husband and I drove down and around Mt. Desert Island. I found the rocks with lichen very much worth photographing.

We didn't neglect the chance to eat Maine specialties and were sent to a restaurant by my nephew who runs a bed and breakfast on the island. This is view from just outside the restaurant. The food was good too...


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