Monday, February 27, 2006

Ideas are Everywhere!

I let one of our cats out yesterday while it was snowing and noticed the pattern that the snow had made in the street.

Of course I went for the camera... Not sure what I can do with this but I found it interesting. The circulatory system of an alien being? The street plan of a medieval village? Merely scars in the asphalt?

Maybe I'll do some manipulations of proportion or color and print it on fabric as the base for something -- embroidery? beading? coloring in the spaces?

So many possibilities! Isn't it fun to speculate?


Blogger Sarah Ann Smith said...

way cool and way cool about the show!!!! she said, greedily hoping to see MORE photos of the gallery show! Hope you are having a ball and enjoying having set another art-lover on the path to true enlightenment, at least about textile art! Teeheeee!

Hugs, Sarah

5:50 PM  

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