Thursday, July 06, 2006


George Siciliano does it again! His 'Small Medium at Large' is not only a beautiful example of color sense but has his usual meticulous piecing and the bonus of a joke to explain the title:
'The story goes...that a man who was only 4' 5'' tall used to tell fortunes and predict the future. He was arrested and sent to jail fro fraud. He escapes from jail and the headline in the newspaper the next day was "Small Medium at Large"

Artwork in the Sky - Beth Girard

Purple Passion - Katherine Ferris Nicholson

Full autumn - Pamela Druhen (I know it's a repeat, but it also belongs with the minis)

Addie Pearl - Paulette Martel (another repeat)

Ginshanada - Marie Karickhoff

There and Back Again - Teri Barile


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