Wednesday, February 21, 2007


They arrived yesterday from England -- together. I did my best to open them simultaneously, and was blown away by both of them!

'Sunset on an Alien Planet' by Kate North is vibrant with the backgrounds in shades of red with orange heavenly bodies, some overlaid with Angelina fibers and with some small groupings of minibeads here and there. If the alien planet follows our rules of weather forecasting this is a true 'Traveller's delight'! In any case it is mine and will hang in my workroom.

'Mimsy Borogroves and Co.' by Sandy Snowden is as wild as the fuzzy tulgy wood in which they lurk. Most of the Jabberwocky characters are there -- just the slithy toves are missing, Sandy says because 'they were having too much gyreing and gimbeling in the wabe'.
At the very top flies the purple Jubjub bird, heading for the orange Mome Rath in the right corner. On the far left of center is the Bandersnatch, looking very frumious! Right in the center is the Jabberwock, orange and red and definitely fierce looking! To his left at the bottom of the quilt are two Borogroves being mimsy as all get out!

The almost-obscured background seems to be hand dyed fabric as do all of the creatures. The wood is built up of fuzzy yarns attached to the background with embroidery stitches and a wonderful variety of beads and bits of shell are used for the faces of the creatures lurking there. Altogether wonderful!

I will be hanging it on my bedroom door -- the outside of course! I don't need those critters sneaking up on me in the dark!

I am delighted with both of these quilts which speak so eloquently to my love of fantasy and science fiction and am already thinking about what I can make for the next Quilt Swap.

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Blogger Shelina said...

These are both from each other, but they are both great. Swapping is always so much fun.

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