Friday, February 16, 2007

The Quilt Art list has an offshoot with which the members who wish to do so can swap small art quilts. JPGs of the quilts in question are sent to a central moderator and after they are posted on the group's web page a list of those that are wanted by each member are submitted. After some arcane mumbo-jumbo (the complexity of which I can hardly imagine!) each participant receives a quilt from among the choices. I submitted two quilts from a series I am making based on (1) hand dyed fabrics, mainly green but edging into blue and (2) simple shapes, so far rectangles and equilateral triangles. These are the quilts I submitted:

The two quilts I will be getting are on their way from England and will probably not arrive until sometime next week, but I can be patient and just savor their names for a few days longer: Sunset on an Alien Planet and Mimsy Borogroves. Both speak to my love of fantasy and science fiction. I even have their places to hang chosen. They will displace quilts I received in a couple of other exchanges, but change is good, Right?

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