Friday, July 07, 2006


Sunrise/Sunset - Johanna Challis

Sunrise over Goblin's Glen - Cricket Lamicka

Words Remembered: The Diary of Susie A. Pearsall, 1869 -1875 - Mary Wilber Wirchansky
I regret not photographing the back of this quilt which had copies of various writings. I didn't even look at them closely enough to say what they were -- from the diary itself or newspaper articles or letters? I just don't know!
Guess I was too intrigued by the front...

Starry Night - Christine Fries
Yep -- it's the Van Gogh painting translated into a quilt.

Cliff's Quilt - Eliza Greenhoe-Bergh

Moulin Rouge - Carol Goddu
One can almost hear the can-can music!


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